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The Canary Island Palm Company over the past 9 years has established a quality reputation for supplying and installing beautiful Canary Island Date Palms to the residential sector along the east coast of Australia.

Beautiful mature Canary Island Date Palms have been supplied and installed to valued customers in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney together with many semi rural and coastal regions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The business philosophy of the Canary Island Palm Company is that whether we are supplying and installing a mature palm into a palatial multimillion dollar mansion or a more modest housing project our company will never take any shortcuts or undertake any cost saving measures that could cause damage to the health of a Canary Island Date Palm.

Canary Island Date Palms are majestic and extremely beautiful and are meant to create a beautiful statement when installed into a residential project.

The following questions should always be asked by a potential purchaser of a Canary Island Date Palm before entrusting a company with the task of supplying and installing a Canary Island Date Palm.

  • Whether the Canary Island Date Palm is male or female
  • Location of where the Canary Island Date Palm is being sourced
  • Whether or not a tree spade is going to be used in the extraction or installation of the Canary Island Date Palm
  • What drainage systems are going to be used in the planting pit to ensure water can be extracted or viewed
  • Irrigation method and length of watering procedures
  • Type of backfill used in planting pit
  • Fertilization and fungicide program
  • Planter box size and construction method if required

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