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During our initial “no obligations quote” to inspect the proposed planting site a potential customer will be advised of the following points of discussion.

  • Soil Quality
  • Drainage potential of the soil and proposed planting site
  • Viewing of overhead obstructions such as power lines
  • Requirements necessary for access of the proposed planting site including potential disturbance to access points and surrounds of planting site.

Our company reputation is based on our professionalism in ensuring our Canary Island Date Palms make beautiful statements and add value and prestige to their proposed locations.

The initial visualization and ultimate determination of the correct trunk size, sex of palm and installation position is absolutely vital in enhancing a domestic or commercial project.



We supply only quality Canary Island Date Palms which make a beautiful statement.

Our potential customers in the domestic, commercial and government sectors are supplied with digital imagery of suggested Canary Island Date Palms in the size range they are interested in acquiring.

Once a selection is made the customer has the decision whether to have the trunk trimmed or shaved and can select the type of collar they would desire.

The standard and wine glass collar has been very popular with our customers whilst some have preferred to maintain the natural look of the trunk.



The root ball, middle crown and trunk of the palm must not be damaged by the heavy machinery necessary to extract a palm from its location onto the flat bed of a semi trailer.

In all instances we attempt to have a Canary Island Date Palm replanted after extraction within a 48 hour period to avoid as much stress as possible to a palm.

We have dedicated experienced transportation in place in which their daily focus is centered on the relocation of Canary Island Date Palms. The transportation process is a crucial factor in relocation of palms and we always transport all palms in a fully enclosed semi trailer to avoid wind burn.



The day of arrival of the newly acquired Canary Island Date Palm is certainly one of total excitement involving a coordinated process to have the palm installed in the best possible manner.

Our staff install a watering system for the root zone of the palm to ensure an effective watering process is in operation.

In areas containing a high clay content or soils which have a poor drainage potential a special drainage system will be installed.

A simple maintenance program is discussed with our customers in relationship to how they should care for their new beautiful Canary Island Date Palm.

A clean up of the planting site and access points is undertaken to minimize any disturbance created in the planting process.

A full landscaping service is offered to our customers for any further work they may require after the palms installation.

Our company is always on hand with expert ongoing advice in relationship to Canary Island Date Palms.